Meet the Team
Meet the Team
Most of the BUNKIT team has worked together in the past. Their latest success was growing a company from $700K to $20M annually. That was as employees. As owners, our plans and goals are even bigger. Now we are fully invested partners who have created a company that we believe in and are committed to long term.
Jacob’s life has been full of learning. Growing up in the Missouri Ozarks surrounded by Amish, he learned to live off the land. Through his childhood and youth, he grew up in a home that his father built and most often spent his time helping maintain the 40-acre farm. He learned everything from carpentry to gardening to raising animals. Although he enjoyed his years in his small town, he always craved more than it could offer, and after graduating high school, Jacob left Missouri to pursue higher education. To date, he has earned a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees, a post-graduate diploma, and is currently working on his PhD. Between his years of learning in college classrooms, he has gained hands-on knowledge by co-authoring papers, starting and selling a business, working in digital publishing, holding multiple C-level company roles, serving on nonprofit boards, and teaching hundreds of students as an adjunct professor for three different colleges. Because of his unusual childhood and never-ending thirst for learning, Jacob feels confident in his ability to survive whatever emergency situation may arise. With the constant uncertainty in the world, he wants to share his confidence in survival with everyone through BUNKIT.
Co-Founder & CEO
Everyone does 3rd person bios, but I want to talk to you directly! It doesn’t matter who you are. If I had a moment, here’s what I’d tell you about myself and BUNKIT: The safety of my wife and daughter are the No. 1 driving force in my life. Everything I do for them is what I’m trying to provide in a simple solution for you through BUNKIT. I do not purchase something I can’t back with facts, research, or personal experience. Years of research in the best emergency preparedness products and practices, combined with my background in a wide variety of business operations makes me perfect for this job. I genuinely want to help you understand your preparedness needs and get the best unbiased solutions for your specific scenario. If you want to talk, we can talk about anything in this industry, not just BUNKIT’s offerings. I know we don’t have it all, as the company is new, but I can help guide you in the right direction and get the best solutions if we don’t offer it yet. Email me anytime at or book a call so we can help get you prepared as best as possible!
Co-Founder & CMO
Brady was born and raised in Utah, but his heart belongs in England where he lived for two years. He loves fish ’n’ chips and supports Tottenham Hotspur. He graduated from Ensign College with a degree in digital and social media marketing. He’s honed his marketing prowess through multiple companies and industries. Brady loves good storytelling, especially in books and video games. He strives to add story, narrative, and emotional elements into BUNKIT’s marketing materials. When not working, Brady can be found making dinner for his wife and kicking a soccer ball for their golden doodle.
Co-Founder & Supply Chain Director
Dane is from Washington. He has years of experience in production logistics and supply chain management, making him a perfect fit as our supply chain director. Dane loves camping and the outdoors, and is a prepping enthusiast. In his spare time, Dane enjoys baking, woodworking, and watching indie films.
Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
Logan hates writing about himself but he’s doing it anyway because he can’t afford a biographer. Raised in Oregon, Logan loves the Pacific Northwest, baseball, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. Ironically he’s the web developer so “outdoors” is kind of a foreign place to Logan at this stage of life. Logan currently resides in Utah with his wife and child and is enjoying the adventure of starting a business with a wonderful team!
Co-Founder & Designer
Lawrence didn't write a bio so his punishment is having this filler as his biography.
Co-Founder & Chief of Staff
Paige grew up in Portland, and in true Oregonian fashion, never uses an umbrella in the rain. She believes, sometimes to a fault, that anything worth doing should be done perfectly and rarely settles for less. She holds a degree in marketing from Ensign College, where she met her husband, Brady. Paige has been in the space of project and people management for a few years. Between her considerable experience in executive assisting and her eye for constant process improvement, Chief of Staff is the perfect position for her to keep herself and everyone else on track at BUNKIT. When she isn’t at work making things happen, you can find Paige hanging out with her dog or eating Chick-fil-A.
Co-Founder & CFO
Abby is our resident Canadian. She is working towards finishing up her bachelor’s program in finance with a minor in human resource management. The majority of her professional experience is in human resource management . Abby was born and raised just outside of Toronto, Canada, and now lives in Utah with her husband. When she's not working or doing homework, she can often be found reading, baking, or spending time with her husband.
Editor QA & Project Manager
Crystal studied English, creative writing at Brigham Young University–Idaho. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2013 and now has over seven years of experience in SEO writing, copywriting, blog writing, editing, and QA. Crystal was born and raised in South Carolina and has lived in Utah for over eight years. In her spare time, Crystal enjoys kayaking, crocheting, spending time with her family and friends, and geeking out over Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, and anime.
Digital Marketing Generalist
Joshua grew up in Missouri and Wisconsin. He is currently studying social media marketing and applied business management through BYU-Pathway Worldwide. Joshua loves spending time outdoors and has a great deal of experience in hiking and camping. He also loves playing the guitar and listening to country music.